Mission Statement

Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin is a non-profit theater company that brings professional-level performing arts to Dunedin and the Tampa Bay area.  


Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin

Our Mission Statement

Our Guiding Purpose:

Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin stands as a beacon of creativity, a non-profit theater company devoted to illuminating the world of professional-level performing arts in Dunedin and across the tapestry of the Tampa Bay area. With unwavering dedication, we are driven by a singular mission – to gift Dunedin an exceptional array of top-tier entertainment, embracing individuals of all ages. Our stage unites seasoned professionals, emerging pre-professionals, and budding talents, all bound together by the common thread of inclusivity.

At Progressive Arts, our mission is multifaceted, transcending the boundaries of the stage. Our pursuit goes beyond merely entertaining; it encompasses enriching communities, fostering genuine connections, and nurturing invaluable skills. We pledge to be a catalyst for growth, communication, teamwork, and the development of critical-thinking abilities among the young children, teens, and adults who grace our professional and pre-professional programs.

In our nurturing embrace, growth blossoms, freedom of expression soars, and imagination knows no bounds. We stand as guardians of the artistic journey, steadfastly encouraging every artist to explore uncharted realms of creativity. Our stage is a canvas, and we are here to ignite the spark that propels artists to elevate their craft to unprecedented heights.

As Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin, we not only amplify the power of performing arts but also weave the threads of unity and artistic innovation into the very fabric of our community.

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Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin

Diversity Statement

Progressive Arts Theater promotes diversity, equity and inclusion for all. ProArts provides access to the economically disadvantaged, individuals of all abilities, those who want to grow artistically, those who want to explore theater and those who want to pursue a professional career in theatre. At ProArts, all are welcome.

Celebrating Diversity, Fostering Inclusion: Our Commitment

At Progressive Arts Theater, the symphony of diversity, equity, and inclusion reverberates through everything we do. Our dedication to these principles is unwavering. We’re not just a theater company; we’re a sanctuary where every individual, regardless of background, finds a warm and welcoming stage to express themselves.

An Open Door for All: Access and Opportunity

Progressive Arts Theater, or ProArts, extends an open hand to those facing economic challenges, individuals of diverse abilities, aspiring artists seeking growth, explorers venturing into the world of theater, and those striving for a professional theater career. Our mission is clear – to pave the way for everyone to be a part of our theatrical community.

Nurturing Lifelong Connections: Every Voice Matters

We’re more than a theater – we’re a haven for dreams. ProArts is dedicated to ensuring that every local child, teen, and adult has the chance to embrace theater and become a lifelong participant in its myriad forms. Our commitment to the community shines brightly through our performers, who generously volunteer their talents at various community events. This tradition will endure as we continue to grow as a nonprofit.

Empowering Local Artistry: The Heartbeat of our Community

As ProArts flourishes, we’re excited to introduce the voices of our community’s own playwrights. By engaging local talent, we enrich the cultural tapestry of our community, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

At Progressive Arts Theater, we believe that by celebrating our diversity, championing inclusion, and providing a platform for artistic expression, we’re weaving a vibrant tapestry that reflects the essence of our community.